2 QB League Waiver Wire

Playing in a 2 QB league and ended up with Deshaun Watson and Jameis Winston. In the late-middle rounds of the draft every team went back to back QBs as their 3rd, so it was slim pickings and I decided against picking a 3rd. If I were to pick up a 3rd QB the options are Nick Foles, Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, Fitz/Rosen, or stash Daniel Jones.

Should I grab one or just ride it out until the Bucs bye week?

Also, one team has Carr/Josh Allen who have the same bye week (6). I may wait for one of them to get dropped and try to outbid on the wire.

Is this a redraft or dynasty league? That affects what I would do in this situation.


  • Pick up Foles, Flacco or Fitz. Injuries happen. You’ll want to have a guy on the roster and pay a small amount for them now. Rather than paying a premium after someone goes down.
  • My pref of the three is Flacco. Plays OAK week 1.
  • Foles is a close second. Plays KC week 1. Should require Foles to air-it-out.


  • Pick up Daniel Jones immediately.

It’s just a three player keeper, so I generally take the approach that rookies are nice but it’s pretty easy to have three good keepers so I play to win each season.

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I like Foles the best from the bunch that are available.