2 QB League Week 5 Please Help

In a 2 QB League Touchdowns are 8 points. Who do I start/sit? Wish I could sit all lol

Case Keenum/Sam Bradford
Cam Newton
Andy Dalton
Joe Flacco

I know, terrible QBs to have, I listened to the “don’t draft a QB early” and I’m paying big time. Thanks!

Sit Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton.

Start Sam Bradford and Cam Newton.

Joe Flacco is definitely bottom of the barrel with his performance so far, and Andy Dalton could arguably start. I believe Dalton carries too much risk, because for as many TDs he COULD have… He also could throw some devastating interceptions.

I also believe Sam Bradford will play this week and wouldn’t start Case Keenum in hopes that Bradford is hurt.

Hope this helps.

Cam Newton ended up doing pretty well. I already played Dalton. Dropped Keenum. Waiting to see how Bradford bounces back. I lost OBJ this week. So, I’ll have to utilize a trade with one of these guys. Thanks for the response!

Glad it helped! Good luck out there.

Good luck to you as well!