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Is there any place you guys grab in game or practice injuries of players from?

Last year I just checked the news topics multiple times to snag the backups but wandering if there’s a place that updates that stuff real time.

SN. Don’t wish injuries on anyone but I know you gotta stay on them types of things.

Do you guys look at the targets and see if there’s a trend on a receiver get a uptick in targets and stash them or how do you judge an up in coming receiver.

I love sleeper for real-time updates. Post-injury, Rotoworld is great for deeper analysis and typically posts info before sites like yahoo and espn.

Upcoming WRs are tougher to judge than upcoming RBs because WRs are more game script and matchup dependent. For example, if a team is in a pass friendly game script (losing late) and the defense has a lock down corner, the #1 WR will likely be shadowed by the corner and the #2 will likely be grid-guarded (#2 corner with safety help on top). This opens up the field for a #3 WR to potentially have a good drive or two. This is less predictable though because not all defenses play this way, not all QBs will go to the #3 guy (some force feed their main guy), and the #3 option rotates often.

Are there specific guys you’re wondering about?

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Fantasy Life app gives the quickest injury updates I’ve found and is another great community

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I personally don’t like Sleeper for updates. I find the accuracy to be less than desired and I prefer accurate info than fast… in most cases.

Here are the links that I rely on (Shhh! don’t tell anyone!)


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No there isn’t. It’s my 4th year playing and first two years I just kinda was finding my way around. It’s a work league and we all talk trash to each other and I won it last year so trying to keep the title.

I went through all the games last year looking at targets and throwing people on watch lists and stuff but it was a lot of leg work and of course I find these guys after I draft this year lol.

Really just looking to level up my Fantasy skills and stay on top of up and coming and injuries so I can handcuff.

It’s 50 weekly for high points and 1K payout.

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I thought it replied under it each comment but realized it doesn’t. First timer lol.

I appreciate everybody’s response. Going to check out those apps and sites.