2 RB and a Flex

Need 2 RB and a Flex from below.

D. Cook

Would run Chubb, Ware, Conner. Boyd is going to get help from aj green being back but denvers d just shut down the steelers (except juju) and but I dont trust driskel to be as good

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I would also go with Conner, Chubb, and Ware. I have a similar predicament and for some reason I feel like Cook will have a big game if I bench him lol

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Agree with the 2 others who have replied: Conner Chubb Ware

If I could piggyback on the thread:

My choices are Cook, Ware, Edwards, Adams, Boyd, and Davis. Starting 2 RB, 1 flex

.5 pt ppr need to win to make the playoffs and already had Thomas poop on me yesterday


Chubb has a tough match up. Struggling between Cook, Ware and Chubb for 2 spots

I would bench cook and chubb unless you want to gamble. Neither have a good matchup this week.

So Conner , Ware and who in Flex