2 RBS for Gurley

Gurley owner needs RB depth and wants my mixon and michel for him. Worth it?

Half PPR. This would make my new Starting RBS Gurley and K Johnson instead of Mixon and Michel.

Take the trade?

What are your other rbs?

Right now i only have Mixon, Michel and K Johnson. The Gurley owner only has Gurley and TJ Yeldon.

Ahh man it’s tough. As much as I like kerryon i think Mixon and Michel will outproduce Gurley and kerryon. Mixon I believe will have big weeks ahead. But again it’s gurley.

Do you have a WR you could package with Kerryon to get a better RB? If so, do it. If not stay put.

Yep, buh bye mixon and Michel is what I’d say. Another regular anyone else rb can just sliiiiiide right in. And gurley gets what both the others get each week, check the average, aNd then sure, sometimes the duke Johnson or Derrick Henry in your rb2 slot bums you but sometimes because you got an extra slot it wins you a week, and gurley floor is 20…,

Just saw your other rb is Kerryon. Yea def do it. But like I said it doesn’t even matter.

Only WR i could afford to lose is Baldwin and not sure what kinda trade value he has

Yeah, if that’s all you can trade, I would stay put.