(2 slots left!) 8 Team SuperFlex .5 PPR redraft league! $10 Buy In (Leaguesafe)

Edit: 2 slots left!

Hello Footclan.

I’m looking for players for an 8 team Superflex league, winner take all!

Sleeper App, .5 PPR. 2 IR slots, standard settings otherwise.

Edit: The link is causing an error on the site, and I’m not sure why. Please message me or comment below for the link for the Leaguesafe league.

Once you’ve paid in, please send me a message with your name and email and the invite to the league will be sent.

If you have any questions, please ask!

I’d love to join depending on draft time/date!. Sleeper ID is prone2injury, email teague7398@gmail.com

Once everyone is in the league, we’ll figure out a time and date that works best for everyone.

I’ve just sent an invite to leaguesafe to your email!

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I have submitted my payment ! @Tarma

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Invite sent!

I’m interested if there are still spots available.

email brad.cunningham75@gmail.com

League safe invite sent!

Payment complete

We have 2 slots left!