2 Spots Dispersal Draft Dynasty League

10 Team 1pt PPR Year 6

$80 League Buy-in + $10 MFL fee = $90usd

GroupMe and Leaguesafe Required

Additional League Info will be given if asked or you can see by laws upon joining.

The 2 owners that will be joining will have to do a dispersal draft. Then we will proceed with our rookie draft.

Odell Kamara 1.01 and more are available. Player pool will be given and draft will start immediately after joining.

Any other questions pm me and we can discuss.

Curious why you are expanding without known parties?

We aren’t expanding we are replacing 3 teams, it is just easier to fill 3 teams with a draft then trying to find people to fill specific teams. Owners can do what they want from the get go with the dispersal draft.

Ah, understood. Thanks.

still looking

need another owner

I’d be interested, but it will be great to see the player pool before comiting.

sent you a message

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still looking for1 more