2 spots to fill in free keeper league

Looking for 2 people to inherit rosters from vacated keeper teams, 10 team modified ppr with the option of 2 keepers. The keepers can only be kept one year at a time and the previously drafted spot for the keeper is the pick that you’ll lose. 8 team playoff+draft pick trading as soon as spots are filled the draft order will be set. Everything else is pretty straightforward. Thanks in advance! FREE AGENT BIDDING NOT WAIVERS

I would love to join. Active member.

Awesome man, are you cool with committing to the league for 3 years. Everything we change or rule on get voted on by league members and there is a league chat you’ll need to join if you are down for it.

Ya sounds awesome. I have no issue with the commitment as long as it’s a fun league to be a part of ya know. So if you’ll have me I’d be happy to join. Just let me know what chat I need to join.

Sounds great, this is the league invite on the sleeper app. From there is a league chat that we can use to get you in the main chat https://sleeper.app/i/E9n2eRLY2no4

Hey, I’d be interested if there is a spot still available. Only ever done re-draft leagues and am looking to get into a dynasty league.
Sleeper Account: BearDeLogy