2 TE for Shady trade thoughts

My trade just was accepted. I offered Austen Hooper and Hayden Hurst (Baltimore TE) for Shady. 14 team .5 PPR. I have Kamara, Kerryon and Golladay all on bye this week, so in a rough spot, plus RB depth isn’t great. And, I stashed Brate last week to use this week. Is this good for me? Certainly don’t need 3 TEs.

Umm yes…even if those were your only tight ends this would be an absolute steal, and I have no idea why anybody would trade for either of those tight ends let alone both. Shady might not be great, but had heavy usage last week, and best case scenario gets traded to the Eagles. On top of that Brate was your best tight end, so didn’t even have to give up a starter.

Thats my hope at least.