2 TE league draft strategy

I’m in a 2 TE redraft .5 PPR league. I have the 4th pick, and would take Kamara if he’s there. I suspect he will be gone and it’ll be Zeke or Henry at RB. I’m strongly considering Kelce if that’s the case. Thoughts? It’s 10 team, 2 QB, 3 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE

Since Henry should be the #1 overall pick, and Zeke should be the #2 overall pick, for you to pass on either one of them at #4 in favor of a lesser RB–or God forbid, a TE!–should require you to be banned from fantasy football for the remainder of your natural life.

You’re probly on “the list” just from posting this question.

Henry and zeke as the top 2 picks. Not sure about that one

I mean Henry literally rushed for 2,000 yards and had double digit touchdowns and still was not the RB1 but if that’s what you feel

A lot of people are unsure about that one. Hence the need for Axe Elf.

^^^^this sort of thing grows on you over time

Bruh why u referring to yourself in the 3rd person like you some sort of super hero smh

I haven’t heard anyone bring up Henry and Zeke as the 1 and 2 this year. I’m curious why you think they’ll outperform CMC and Cook? Mind elaborating?

Well, CMC is the consensus #1 overall pick, so the chances of him axually finishing the season as the #1 overall performer are exceedingly slim. Besides, he’s just coming off of a major injury. So we can pretty much rule him out as #1.

There will be 17 games this season, so when Cook makes his annual exit for the IR, you’ll be without him for an extra week. Sucks that a guy who can be so useful in getting you to the playoffs won’t be there to help you compete in them.

And so Henry, the ironman, has the best chance of any RB of finishing the season as the overall #1 performer, and Zeke has the 2nd-best chance. (I would rate CMC third.)

Ok so it’s really durability concerns. That’s definitely a fair point. Thanks for explaining.

But quite significantly, not JUST durability concerns. As I said, CMC is also cursed with being the consensus overall #1 pick, so that’s an additional handicap most backs don’t have to deal with. Try to find the last time a consensus #1 pick finished the season as the overall #1 performer. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

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Gurley in 17 and 18 in half ppr.

McCaffrey was less than a point behind Saquon in 18 and was head and shoulders better than everyone else in 19

And part of the argument on durability is not valid reason because injuries happen unexpectedly all the time. McCaffrey was viewed as Durable until this past season

And with the amount of carries that Henry sees , he’s just as likely to get hurt more than anyone else

To be fair, if we’re looking at “likelihood to finish #1,” Zeke should be ahead of Henry.

Aside from the criteria you’ve laid out, the last time that a RB finished as the RB1 with less than 20 receptions (a total Henry has never reached) was Shaun Alexander in 2005. If he didn’t do it with a 2,000-yard season, odds are against him of repeating that output.

If we’re talking likelihood of finishing Top-5 or contributing for you in the playoffs, I’m with you. If we’re talking finishing #1, he is just as disqualified as CMC or Dalvin.

My two cents.

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This ignores the fundamental truth that Henry is not human.

Getting back to the draft question I wouldn’t use it on Kelce at the 104. My personnel order for 1-5 is CMC, Cook, Henry, Kamara, then Zeke (yep, all RBs). While the advantage at TE would be great I think those four, barring injury, would be more of a positional value.

No I 100% agree the chalk is typically wrong. The last time I remember it being right was gurley in his second season with McVay but other than that I can’t recall a single time.