2 TE League; where to draft your TE1

This weekend is my first time drafting in a league that starts 2 TE’s. 12 team, half-point PPR, snake draft. I’m selecting at #11.

Is Kelce/Kittle a good selection at #11 or #14? I like the idea since I have to start 2 TE’s, but the opportunity cost is that I’m passing up a high-upside RB, or a WR like Julio Jones or Devante Adams.

Thanks for the help!

I would wait for the TE you can get a good TE in the last pick, otherwise you’ll have to wait another 22 picks to get your rb/wr

Have you played in 2TE leagues? How early do TE’s start to come off of the board? My concern is waiting until the later rounds and I end up with Jack Doyle and Eric Ebron in my starting rotation.