2 Teams, 1 Bet, Next Years Dues

Had a guy try to bust my balls all draft last night and we made a friendly bet for dues. I won’t tell you who’s team is who’s but any responses to this will fuel the fire; who would you put your proverbial bet on? (PS. you can start 3 QBs in the league… but I successfully got the OP position removed for next year in favor of just keeping 2 QBs)

Team A:
QB: Brady, Rivers, Keenum, E. Manning
RB: L. Bell, J. White, Du. Johnson, M. Ingram, L. Blount
WR: J Gordon, E. Sanders, R. Anderson, J. S Schuster, D. Amendola, Ty. Williams, J. Edelman, C. Beasley
TE: Z. Ertz, B. Watson
Rams D, Gostkowski

Team B:
QB: M. Ryan, D. Carr, J. Goff
RB: K. Hunt, J. Howard, L. Miller, J. Wilkins, C. Hyde, C. Anderson, S. Ware
WR: O. Beckham, M. Thomas, C. Davis, R. Cobb, M. Bryant, C. Godwin
TE: K. Rudolph, G. Kittle, B. Jarwin
Vike’s D, Mason Crosby