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2 trade ideas


In Full point PPR
My current team is:

  • QB: Luck + Tyrod
  • RB: Hunt, Anderson, McCaffrey
  • WR: M Thomas, D Thomas, D Parker, M Bryant (Lockett, Hurns)
  • TE: Rudolph, Watson

Trade 1
Get Dez and Lynch for McCaffrey and Parker

Trade 2
Get Bell for Anderson, Demaryius and M Bryant

Thoughts on both?


Trade 1 seems like you lose since McCaffrey should be more valuable consistently in full PPR. I would consider 2 more seriously because you still have solid WR but are potentially at risk of not having depth in case of injury.


I would do trade 2. Bell and Hunt as your starting RB is solid. You hold onto your best WR in Thomas and I like Parker as a WR2 moving forward. Hurns and Lockett also are legit plug in for BYE weeks.

I def would not do trade 1. Want nothing to do with Lynch. Something just isn’t right there.


Yea I’m really trying to push for #2 while not giving up Parker instead of Bryant.


Trade 1 is more for Dez. Lynch is more of a RB 3 bye-week fill in


My logic was Dez is the best player in the deal and Lynch is only a bit worst than McCaffrey.


Meh. I get your logic and Dez really hasn’t been setting the world on fire either. His game this last week was salvaged by that touchdown and even still he only had 7 points in Non-PPR. Dez has a brutal schedule of Dbs to go against so I’d be a little nervous going after him. I would still much rather go Trade 2. Just my opinion.


Big no for trade 1. Trade two I’d do.


I agree, absolute no on trade 1, but 2 looks good. Bell and Hunt would be a solid RB core, plus you can pick up Conner as your handcuff with the open roster slot. Do it.


If you can get Lev bell do it.

As a lev bell (and hunt on same team) owner I would reject that instantly however.
But I’m the kinda guy who wouldn’t trade bell or hunt as I believe I could never get back equal value for those workhorses.


Definitely do trade 2. Bell is going to give you production form 1 spot that the other 3 would get combined.