2 trade offers...help me decide!

Thinking about trading away Kamara, not because I’m panicked about him, but b/c I’m 1-4, he’s on bye this week, and I need to manufacture a win this week to stay alive.

The first offer is David Johnson, Cooper Kupp, and Ekeler for Kamara and Fuller/Coutee.

The second offer is Fournette/Yeldon and Diggs for Kamara and Fuller/Coutee.

Which one is better? Basically, do I choose DJ/Kupp/Ekeler or Fournette/Yeldon/Diggs? I realize I may be selling Kamara too low, but I really need a W this week.


Fournette side. Maybe try and get one more player. I mean what is your entire team rn?

The first offer for DJ seems much more promising especially since the value between Kupp and Diggs right now isn’t great enough to justify dealing with the Jags RB problems.

What does the rest of your roster look like?

I think I like the DJ and Kup side

Thanks for the opinions guys.

QB: Mahomes
RB: Kamara, Aaron Jones, Cohen, Foreman
WR: T. Hill, K. Golladay, Fuller, Westbrook, Coutee, Sutton
TE: Burton

We start 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, and a Flex. It’s a very competitive 12-man league, and I’ve lost a couple of guys to injury.

So far 2 votes for the DJ side, 1 for the Fournette/Yeldon side. Unfortunately the Fournette/Yeldon side won’t budge any further, so I’m thinking DJ/Kupp at this point (tough bc I’m a huge Vikes fan and would love to have Diggs on the roster).

I would like Diggs and The JAXbax ™. But you probably get more upside on the other offer since you’re buying low on DJ

I wouldn’t trade Kamara for either of these packages. Johnson is a huge risk, Kupp is good, but I think Hill, Golladay, Fuller/Coutee is a good WR corp.