2 Trade options Please some adivce! 10 team half ppr

I recieve

D adams, mack, hockenson, Mcdonald, and Dion lewis
TY, Kerryon, Kittle, CJ anderson, and C thompson

JUJU, Ekler W/Gordon, Hockenson Mcdonald
TY, Kerryon, Kittle, CJ anderson, and C thompson

Im receiving The top options on each example

I would greenlight both of those if it is at least half ppr.

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Which would you prefer

I think im getting the mack and adams deal

I’d go for the second one if you’re leaning towards accepting one.

JuJU and Adams are equal for all we can tell atm, maybe even slight favor for JuJu since Greenbay will run and spread the ball a bit more.

Ekeler/Gordon will give you RB1 all year, whereas I’m not sold on Mack having RB1 potential all year.

And I don’t feel Lewis will hold as much sustainable value this year with Michelle taking over, and A.B. playing


Why does the guy on the bottom want to do this deal? Or am I missing something?

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You think it leans me that much?

Should I be higher on adams than JUJU??? TO be honest im still not confirmed on adams

Like I said, honestly I’d go JuJu.
He’s likely going to get more targets, since Greenbay appears to want to run more and spread the ball a bit.
Also, Adams has to play Chicago again (you saw week 1), as well as Minnesota (Rhodes) and Detroit (Slay) 2 times each. That’s 5 tough matchups for him.
Wheres as Pittsburgh throws it more than any other team, and has some better secondary matchups.

True but adams was the only WR to not bust… even when playing them… besides last week