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2 trades need help


2 trades in the mix… first one is me trading Wentz and Davante Adams for Tom Brady? Is that worth it? Also have Russell Wilson. 2nd would be me trading Doug baldwin and Alvin Kamara for Ty Montgomery? Should I jump on either of these trades, neither, or both? My roster is as follows
QB- Wilson, Wentz, Luck
RB Lev Bell, Kareem hunt, Gillislee, Kamara
WR- Mike Evans, Julio, Doug Baldwin, Davante Adams
TE- Jimmy Graham
D Vikings, Jags
K- Matt Bryant

Thanks for any and all input!


I would do trade 1.
I would pass on trade 2.


Do you think Montgomery comes back at full strength? He was killing it pre injury


And do you think brady keeps it going at such a high level?


Do not do either trade. You don’t need to upgrade at QB and I think that kamara will be comparable to Montgomery rest of season, especially since kamara is already past his BYE after this week. Don’t do it buddy


Wilson is so inconsistent though whereas Brady is legit 20-30pts every week. I need help at the flex and the QB play is killing me. Started Wilson this week and he scores 10 points with Wentz on the bench who scores 29 lol lost me my matchup


Don’t think of it as Brady being legit 20-30 every week. You gotta think of it as Brady’s weekly score - Wentz’s weekly score. Brady is averaging like 26 a week and wentz is averaging like 19 (depending on your scoring format) so you’d pretty much be dropping devante adams to upgrade an average of 7 points a week at QB. It’s just not mathematically a good deal for you, especially cuz the difference between Adams and a waiver wire pick up will probably be more than the difference between Brady and Wentz.

And with the way Aaron Jones ran the ball tonight the packers won’t be rushing to get Montgomery back.


I do think you bring up very valid points. I’m just in a QB conundrum, with starting Wilson as experts say I should with Wentz on the bench. So should I just start Wentz from here on out and not make the Brady trade? The one reason I was leaning towards it is since I have Mike Evans and Julio, who both are thru their byes, can I really start Adams over them? Or will he just be riding my bench? It’s a super frustrating thing when my bench outscores my starters


I’d start bell, hunt, Julio, and evans, then flex adams if he has a good matchup. Then you just gotta play the matchups with wentz and Wilson. You’re gonna have weeks where you pick wrong but that’s just how it goes. But at least if you pick wrong with those guys, You still can flex adams who has a good chance at getting you decent points.


Yeah you’re honestly probably right on that. Another quick question for you… is it crazy to consider benching Evans next week at Arizona? I just feel he’s going to get the Patrick Peterson treatment and do nothing. Only problem is Adams matchup isn’t much better against Minnesota


Well, I would say that the matchup would be better for adams than for evans, cuz evans will draw coverage from Patrick Peterson, while Xavier Rhodes will most likely be covering Nelson. So adams will probably get the Vikings second corner. sometimes it’s in your best interest to start the number two guy as opposed to the number 1 guy. But I’m really not sure on that one.

If I were you id create a whole separate topic on that question so you can get more feedback from more people.


A good example would be Nelson and Adams, and Hopkins and Fuller tonight. ( Hopkins literally just caught a 34 yard TD as I wrote this lolololol) but yea…


Hahaha fair enough man. If you wanna hear a heartbreaking day… losing by 24 as we speak with the Vikings d my only player remaining. I had Wentz, the jags d, and Davante Adams all on my bench. Those 3 literally outacored my starting 9. Tough week


NO. You wanna hear heartbreaking. I’ll tell you about heartbreaking. One of the guys in my league had Dalvin Cook, Chris Carson, Ty Montgomery all starting last week. He has Danny Woodead on his IR and Matt forte was on his bench OUT last week.

He had Odell and DeAndre Hopkins on his team and i traded him Golden Tate and Mark Ingram for Hopkins on Wednesday, and then today Odell broke his friggen leg.

That is what heartbreaking looks like, lol, I have literally never seen anything like it.