2 trades that could put me in driver seat for footclan title. Advice needed

So I want to upgrade my QB/ get away from 3x LAC players and I feel like I got a great shot at the title…
I’m 6-1

I get - Winston
I give up - AP

  • def like giving up AP who prob isn’t worth much. But Winston is just a slight upgrade to Philips… Not the jump I was hoping for. But nice his bye has already happened.

Need advice what to offer.
I offered -rivers, AP and Rishard Matthews
I receive - Tom Brady and Ty mongomery.
He said he was interested but needed a better WR.

  • do I just offer him Ted Ginn and see if that gets it done.
    Or do I add more and ask for more?

  • I could offer him Kennan,Rivers, AP

  • I receive Brady and _________
    (thinking maybe Jordy or Djax)
    Here is his team: Brady, Ingram, Coleman, Ty, gillislee,
    Dez, crabtree, D Jax, Nelson

  • only bummer is Brady still has a bye to sit out.

My Team below :
10 team standard league
Start: 1QB,2RB,3WR,1 flex, 1TE

QB: Rivers

WR: Hopkins, Baldwin, Keenan, Ted ginn, Rishard matthews, Corey davis(o), emmanual (o), OBJ (IR)

RB: Melvin, Ajayi, kamara, AP, darkwa, DJ(IR)

TE: Ertz

Sorry for the long post… Wanted to be as detailed as possible… Thanks for the advice everyone.

I know this is a long post… But anyone have any advice.?

Is Winston enough of an upgrade from rivers?

Should I go after Brady?

I would not do the Brady trade. Personally, I think Winston is a big enough upgrade but kinda hard to tell. Ty montgomery is just a backup if Jones gets hurt now so I would not do that.

I’d get Brady and do Trade 2. AP is not going to produce much now with palmers injury, and Ted Ginn likely won’t get into your lineup based on your current WRs and there’s always a chance Montgomery bounces back. Good deal for you

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I’ll see if he takes the Ginn and Ap and rivers for Brady and TY/jordy/d Jax

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That’s tough. Winston’s season has been mediocre at best, and it’s tough to gauge without knowing what’s available via waivers from week to week. Winston has a great end of season/playoff sched but, as someone who picked him up last season for that reason during which he kinda sh*t the bed, I personally don’t trust him quite yet. Maybe last week’s performance is the start of something. Totally agree with you that it’s not an upgrade over Rivers at this point. In fact, I think I’d be happier w Rivers.

Re: Brady for AP, Ginn, and Rivers

Feel like you have the right idea w trying w Ginn at first but be prepared to try the Keenan Allen deal. You have Hopkins and Baldwin, and maybe Davis will reclaim a large share of targets. Feel like Keenan Allen + Rivers for Brady isn’t so crazy. You can emphasize to your trade partner that Allen is around #5 in targets (~10 per game), and it may be a matter of time before he strings together some big games.

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