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2 Very Active Players looking for Dynasty League (we found one)


Hey all, my friend and I are looking to join a dynasty league (ideally 12 team .5ppr)

We would like to each have our own team (not co-own)

Could be a start up league or we are also willing to fill spots if your league members have left!

We have been heavily active in a redraft league for multiple years and are looking to join a league that is a little more serious.

In the Atlanta, Ga area but the league doesn’t have to be local

Please comment with any info!

I’m in a 10 team .5 ppr league that’s a $50 buy in if you’re interested.

Is it a startup? Is it on Sleeper? How active are you guys as far as communication, etc.?

I just started a 10 man 0.5 dynasty league on sleeper. Everyone seems rad so far. 1 qb 2 wr 2 rb te def 2 flex 10 bench 6 taxi.

$20 buy in and hoping to get 2 years from everyone up front through leaguesafe. We have two spots open and would love to have ya both!

Hey, Im looking for players. check my post Looking to fill spots on Dynasty League (ESPN)


I’m recruiting for 12-team Dynasty startup. It’s a Super Flex, Tiered PPR (.5 RB, 1 WR, 1.5 TE). So basically it’s a TE premium and Rbs get a little less PPR to balance out their points. Are you on Sleeper? Hit me up, my Sleeper username is BoltFace. We currently have 3 spots left so let me know ASAP.

Sent you a message

Im interested