2 week championship im up 35 pts, need help


We have a 2 week championship and I got lucky the first week and am up 35 points. Current projections have him up 20 points on me this week so if all things hold true I win.

I need help with QB and FLex.

QB I have Brees and Jackson. I started Jackson last week which was the correct call but do we trust Brees at home or is he on a slump that home field doesn’t help. LAC is 6th best against the pass the last 6 weeks but 28th against the run.

For flex I need to start 2 from the following:
Hamilton, Fitzgerald, pettis, Robbie Anderson, foster, or ballage

Any help would be appreciated.

Whoever ranks higher is who i’d play but it’d be hard to not play Brees when he’s home.