2 Weeks In & 4 Trades Completed, Thoughts?

In a 10-Team Half-PPR 2QB league, like the title says I’ve completed 4 trades so far and here they are:

Trade 1:
Traded: Dak Prescott, Austin Ekeler & $5 FAAB
Received: Mitch Trubisky

I know, I know… this one still hurts but I was all in on Trub and I knew I was overpaying but oh well

Trade 2:
Traded: Matt Ryan, Tyler Boyd, Mike Evans & Ravens DST
Received: Russell Wilson, Antonio Brown & Bears DST

I offered this deal before AB got cut and the whole dispute with Mayock, when the news broke the other owner accepted and unfortunately I was in the west coast at the time so woke up after news broke, another mistake made by leaving a trade offer for too long

Trade 3:
Traded: Marcus Mariota & Leonard Fournette
Received: Kyler Murray & Sammy Watkins

Other owner needed a RB with injury to Conner and I needed a WR as insurance for AB, curious to think what you guys think about this one…

Trade 4:
Traded: Andy Dalton, James White & Allen Robinson
Received: Josh Jacobs

Other owner has been plagued by injuries in two weeks (Ben, Hill, Coleman, Singletary) so the groin injury to Jacobs made it worse, offered this because he needed a lot of depth and saw I could grab Jacobs for a few of my bench guys, thoughts?

So after all of those moves, I’m sitting at 1-1 with 153/200 in FAAB and this is what my team is looking like going into Week 3:
QB1: Russell Wilson
QB2: Jimmy Garoppolo
RB1: David Johnson
RB2: Nick Chubb
WR1: Julio Jones
WR2: Sammy Watkins
WR3: Antonio Brown
TE: Mark Andrews
FLEX: Joe Mixon
FLEX: Tyler Lockett
BENCH: Mitch Trubisky
BENCH: Kyler Murray
BENCH: Josh Jacobs
BENCH: John Brown
BENCH: Mecole Hardman
BENCH: Greg Olsen

If you’ve read this far thank you and would appreciate some feedback on the trades I completed and if starting Jimmy G over Kyler is a good call?

I hate all of those trades except for the fourth. But then I look at your team and it looks very good. How could you possibly have all those players. Something isn’t making sense.

Thanks for your honesty haha but what makes you hate the third trade? The volume of Fournette and the potential decline of Watkins? Also, what makes you like the fourth trade?

I like the fourth because Dalton is pretty much useless, with the addition of AB and the role of burkhead, james white’s value has really diminished. I like upgrading to a guaranteed workhorse rb. At second thought I don’t hate your third trade since it is a 2 qb league, I just feel like you could get more value from fournette. Hopefully watkins works out for you but hill coming back could really hurt him. I feel he will be very boom or bust and injury prone.

He was desperate for a QB and since it’s 2QB then his options were thin and I’m hoping that AB will be able to play the rest of the season. I tried shopping Fournette but no one was willing to give a top WR and with a potential AB suspension looming then I wanted to act before Thursday nights game. I’m banking on Watkins staying healthy and continuing to eat after Hill gets back or trading him in a few weeks.
But who do you think is the better start, Jimmy G or Kyler as my QB2 and Mixon or Jacobs as a FLEX option?

I’d go kyler and jacobs probably. You have an amazing team. I am so confused how you have all of those players. It seems like an 8 team league