2 Wins, Need Help

My team caught the injury bug and recently traded for Derrick Henry. A trade has been talked about to attempt to get some more help at the running back position.

I give up:
Travis Kelce

I receive:
Dawson Knox
Kenyan Drake

Do I take this offer?

Current lineup consists of

Tee Higgins
Jerry Jeudy
Travis Kelce
Devante Parker
Damien Williams
Boston Scott
Julio Jones
Sterling Shepard
Jordan Howard

Russell Wilson
Derrick Henry

I traded Amari Cooper and Mike Williams to try to change something up and get some help, extremely backfired due to the Henry injury.

Help me out. Do I take the trade?

What are the WW TE options? Is Logan Thomas available?

I think you can get more than Kenyan Drake and Knox. I don’t forsee Knox playing this week so that isn’t much help and Drake received a lot of volume with a Jacobs injury. I don’t see Drake viable long term.

If you can move Mixon for Zeke, Najee or Dalvin to avoid his bye next week that would be a target. Also Fournette for Eli MItchell and some WR help to again avoid bye weeks.

It’s going to be an uphill battle. Kelce is still the TE1. My targets would be Goedert, Andrews (probably can’t get), or Waller to take a slight down grade but still hold TE value.

Redraft or keeper/dynasty? What is the starting lineup requirements. Any special points setup like TE premium?

Redraft league. No special points for TE’s. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, Flex (RB or TE) and defense and kicker obviously

Thanks for the help. Waiver wire is slim
as can be for TE’s. Logan Thomas is available but other than that, best available would be Jonnu Smith, Engram or Njoku/Hooper