$20 buy in, 10 team, Superflex Dynasty Startup,

Scoring: .5 ppr
Platform: Sleeper

We’re about half full, looking to add some committed owners. Noob friendly, all of the current players have little to no dynasty experience so it’s a good opportunity to get a taste.

Draft is set for May 1st to give everyone a week after the rookie draft. Slow draft, 8 hour timer between picks, and pause in the evenings.

Interested… sleeper i.d. is BGMIXX

Interested sleeper ID DynastyDan

Shot you an invite

Interested. Sleeper ID: BIGxGOON

interested if you guys are still short

ID: newirishpatriot

Still short?? Houlihan1993 on sleeper

Any spots left?

still doing it?

Do you still have room? Just joined sleeper how do I find your league?