$20 Full PPR Fantasy Brawl (48-Teams) Read description!

EVENING SLEEPERS!!! My friends I have created a 48 TEAM League that’s right a 48 Teams!!! Super Fantasy Brawl!!

You ask me how are you doing 48 teams?? Here is the breakdown…

ONE OVERALL LEAGUE (Super Fantasy Brawl) Broken into 4 Divisions:

  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West

Full PPR each division will have 12 teams and be their own individual league. $20 Buy-In paid $1200 in total

Individuals league winners get $50
Overall Champion gets $600
Second Overall gets $300
Third place Champion gets $100

PM IF YOUR INTERESTED OR WANT MORE DETAILS!! Gonna be something you wanna be apart of!!

My friends are Vp commish if each league and co owners to with me so I have access to all leagues to be the overall commish!! LET ME KNOW!!

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Hey, I would be interested if I can make the draft work. Are you having a set time or doing a slow draft? My email is adk4528@gmail or I can check back here.

What’s your sleeper ID?

It’s adk4528

Reese1055 is my sleeper

Sent a message

Sent a message to both of you

Divisions are filling up let me know if you are interested

I have some questions before I commit, could you message me on sleeper? Id:CADET322

jayups34 is my sleeper.

Message sent

Plenty of space still filling up fast west division is about full and about to start their draft

@pizzle is my sleeper

Sent a message

I am interested in joining the league. Please let me know how to join!

Still room?

if spots are open still sleeper username is @SpenceDawg69

What’s your sleeper

What’s your sleeper

Is there still room? My sleeper is @zjhaas23