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$20 LEagusafe Auction league on yahoo


10 team redraft auction league 100% payouts majority approval

Needing managers to draft 8:15 pm eastern saturday the 26th.

Waivers are FAab

.5 ppr 6 point per td pass 1 qb 3 wr 2 rb 1 flex te k def

Anyone interested?


Leaguesafe for payment? I cannot do the payments through Yahoo as I am from Canada.

Marc_Ranallo@hotmail.com if its with leaguesafe


Payments are thru leaguesafe. I will be senidng invite to you shortly! Thanks :slight_smile:


Anyone else interested?


Post on reddit. I commish a few leagues and have built them with a good base from there. If ever you need I can pass on a mass email see if any would like to join


Could you ask on Reddit for me? Never used reddit before. Im commishing quite a few leagues as well so Im asking there but most of those are snakes and people who like snakes are sometime reluctant to change.


Will do! Can you send me league inviye in order for me to pass it on to those interested




Sent mass invite to the leagues I commish. Hopefully we get a few


Thanks! This is my 6th commisioner league this season all the other 5 filled up day before draft or day of (if manager backed out last second)… seems most refuse to sign up in advance for some reason…


Still need some new managers anyone else?