20 Team Dynasty Slow Draft pick 3.10 & 3.11 HELP!

Lineup is 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE & 2 Superflex
Slow draft started before I knew (free league, nbd) and Commish gave me Kareem Hunt round 1.
Round two picked Guice and now I’m on the clock at 3.10 & 3.11
Traded my 4th and 5th for 3.10 and future picks so it will be 58 picks until it is my turn again :scream:

There was just a run on QBs (11 off the board) so I plan on taking QB and WR. (I feel this is acceptable in a 2 superflex, 6 point TD league)

QBs left: Garoppolo, Matt Ryan, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Mahomes, Mariota, Carr, Alex Smith, Winston, Dak, Eli, Trubisky, Keenum, Tyrod, Bortles, Tannehill, Dalton, Flacco, Rosen, McCown, and Bradford

My top WR that are left: Diggs, Robinson, Hill, Cooper, and JuJu
I would love to take two of these WRs but this is a superflex league and there are still 12 owners with no QB

My thinking is that there is more chance of a decent WR falling to me in later rounds than a decent QB at this point.

Remember, 58 picks before I’m on the clock again.
Any thoughts?

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Very tough call! None of those QBs dramatically stand out from the other, at least to me… Though I do really like Mahomes!

I’d be tempted to go Diggs and Cooper, personally. I think they’re a great duo to have. But if you feel more comfortable going QB, I like Diggs and Mahomes. Both a little risky, but I love what they could be — and I have a fair amount of confidence that they will be.

Jimmy G is best trade value and what i would pick. Coming in @ 30 points

Id take Cooper. He is holing highest value for a wide out on that list

This can help make some rough choices. but this is not cut n dry

I’m not really a fan of those trade value charts. They’re highly subjective! When it comes to a startup draft, too, you really shouldn’t be looking to take guys with the intent of getting trade value for them, because if somebody wanted them more than you – they’d just draft them.

All you can do is draft whoever you feel most comfortable about. For me, that’s certainly Diggs. I think he’s about to blow! And then either Mahomes – who has next level potential – or Cooper, who I don’t love but do think is primed to finally breakout.

Thanks for the tips guys, went Garoppolo- Cooper. I think Cooper is gonna be better this year too and while I like Diggs, I think I can sneak back into the fourth and try to get him. I like Mahomes too but with such a huge league I didn’t feel like I had the leeway to take as much risk on an unknown.

Thanks for the advice fellas. I didn’t like the choices any way they were presented so I held my breath and went with my gut. Rather feel bad about my own pick than feel bad about listening to someone else ya know?


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I liked Diggs but he makes me nervous… so good picks