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20 Team Dynasty Slow Draft pick 3.10 & 3.11 HELP!


Lineup is 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE & 2 Superflex
Slow draft started before I knew (free league, nbd) and Commish gave me Kareem Hunt round 1.
Round two picked Guice and now I’m on the clock at 3.10 & 3.11
Traded my 4th and 5th for 3.10 and future picks so it will be 58 picks until it is my turn again :scream:

There was just a run on QBs (11 off the board) so I plan on taking QB and WR. (I feel this is acceptable in a 2 superflex, 6 point TD league)

QBs left: Garoppolo, Matt Ryan, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Mahomes, Mariota, Carr, Alex Smith, Winston, Dak, Eli, Trubisky, Keenum, Tyrod, Bortles, Tannehill, Dalton, Flacco, Rosen, McCown, and Bradford

My top WR that are left: Diggs, Robinson, Hill, Cooper, and JuJu
I would love to take two of these WRs but this is a superflex league and there are still 12 owners with no QB

My thinking is that there is more chance of a decent WR falling to me in later rounds than a decent QB at this point.

Remember, 58 picks before I’m on the clock again.
Any thoughts?


Very tough call! None of those QBs dramatically stand out from the other, at least to me… Though I do really like Mahomes!

I’d be tempted to go Diggs and Cooper, personally. I think they’re a great duo to have. But if you feel more comfortable going QB, I like Diggs and Mahomes. Both a little risky, but I love what they could be — and I have a fair amount of confidence that they will be.


Jimmy G is best trade value and what i would pick. Coming in @ 30 points

Id take Cooper. He is holing highest value for a wide out on that list


This can help make some rough choices. but this is not cut n dry


I’m not really a fan of those trade value charts. They’re highly subjective! When it comes to a startup draft, too, you really shouldn’t be looking to take guys with the intent of getting trade value for them, because if somebody wanted them more than you – they’d just draft them.

All you can do is draft whoever you feel most comfortable about. For me, that’s certainly Diggs. I think he’s about to blow! And then either Mahomes – who has next level potential – or Cooper, who I don’t love but do think is primed to finally breakout.


Thanks for the tips guys, went Garoppolo- Cooper. I think Cooper is gonna be better this year too and while I like Diggs, I think I can sneak back into the fourth and try to get him. I like Mahomes too but with such a huge league I didn’t feel like I had the leeway to take as much risk on an unknown.

Thanks for the advice fellas. I didn’t like the choices any way they were presented so I held my breath and went with my gut. Rather feel bad about my own pick than feel bad about listening to someone else ya know?



I liked Diggs but he makes me nervous… so good picks