20-Team dynasty startup (two 10-team divisions with separate player pools)

Dynasty startup, 20 team (two 10-team divisions with separate player pools), 1QB 2RB 3WR 3FLEX 1Superflex, PPR, TE premium, $40 per year ($80 paid at once for two years), MFL with LeagueSafe

The year 2021 — a series of apocalyptic cataclysms has left most of the planet completely uninhabitable. Only North and Central America remain as bastions of human civilization, and even there half of the population has been eliminated. Survivors from all throughout the world have been flocking to the western hemisphere to start new lives and take part in rebuilding society. Due to the United States’ and Canada’s influence in the region, FIFA’s North America affiliate CONCACAF has decided to switch over to American football instead of soccer. The bi-yearly CONCACAF Gold Cup is now the major international sport event the remaining world has to look forward to as a beacon of hope in an otherwise dire situation.

Basically what happened was we were in a massive 48-team league based on the World Cup with six 8-team divisions with separate player pools, and every four years there was supposed to be a major world cup tournament that teams would qualify for over the previous three years and that most of the buy-in pool went to over the previous years. Each team was based on a different country in those divisions. However, at the beginning of this year the commissioner completely ghosted us. After not being able to get into contact with him for half a year, the majority of the league mates decided to liquidate it and move on, but half of us in the North America division decided to continue on alone and invited anyone else from the larger league to continue with us in a new dynasty startup draft. We decided to go with a two-year cycle for the major tournament, where there will be a smaller intradivision playoff on odd numbered years and a large Cold Cup tournament on even numbered years that teams will qualify for based on their record the previous year and a half.

In total we have 15 people from the previous league, and we’re looking for five extra owners to have two ten-team divisions. The draft starts this Friday, so we are looking to fill up the spots as quickly as possible. If you’re interested in a somewhat unusual league structure with other people who are committed to fantasy, then let us know!

-Joe (Panama)