20 team league QB mess

First year in a 20 team league where the QB situation has become a nightmare. I’ve found myself stockpiling bottom-barrel QBs because the options are non-existent week to week. Every QB that sees any playing time is owned, to the point that one team is rolling with Rosen and Taysom Hill.

My team includes Daniel Jones, Mitch Trubisky, Sam Darnold, and Colt McCoy. Should I be keeping all these guys, knowing that there is nobody on the wire, or just cutting them to pick up RBs and WRs? Alternatively, is there a better QB option I should be targeting in a trade?

Could probably cut colt mccoy for sure don’t see him starting more than a game or 2 will be Haskins time soon maybe as soon as they’re done with the patriots. Assuming it’s redraft.