$200 12 tm redraft cash and prizes league

The Corona Couch Coaches is seeking two active teams to join our league. We are an online/zoom based league with regular meeting before during and after the season. We are looking for players who want to be active, participate in video and chat, and will be a good addition.

League zoom call to be hosted Monday, august 16 8 pm pst. Any interested teams must attend and a selection will be made by league, following call, if more than two teams are interested

$200 entry: $160 Cash Pool $40 prize pool

1200 Winner
400 2nd place
200 3rd place
60 Consolation Bracket Winner
60 - cost applied to traveling trophy

$480 prize pool : $300 -winners prize (autograph memorabilia from a top team performer) 180- other prizes

We use sleeper and have a big play bonus structure (bonus for 40+ Yd play (1)and 40+ yd td(2))

League structure and format will change slightly each year to make each season unique

This year does include a 3rd round reversal for the snake draft

1qb/2rb/2wr/1te/2flx/def .5ppr

This is a great league. Respond In comments with your sleeper id and we will discuss

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owwwmyballs for questions

I’m a member of this league and I’d love to have some other foot join up. It’s honestly one of the best leagues I’m in.
Everyone’s active. We work on ways to make it fun and interesting for everyone. Also, I’m hilarious and beloved by all. So you get to be closer to me.

considering. No kicker I see. seems like a nice change. how long is your meeting likely to be? this is 10pm CST I believe.

We usually aim for about an hour and can stick to it. If more than two managers are interested I want to give the league a chance to interview a few and make a selection. If two are ready to go, then we’ll have a fairly official meeting in prep for the draft. (Monday aug 30 draft)

love to find an active fun league.
sleeper @JenyB

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TSK84 very interested!

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I’m interested. Did I read this right that you are interviewing potential candidates?! Geez, that feels a bit intense. Not even sure how you “audition” for a fantasy football league. Anyway, my sleeper ID is Gordonhill52. Lmk what other info you need from me.

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I am very interested in this league, my Sleeper name is venganza