$200 - 24 team SuperFlex DYNASTY League - 2 copies per player - TE premium - Myfantasyleague.com

Anyone in for another dynasty league?
If you want to join, best to email me Freezang_@hotmail.com , I will reply must faster thru there.

24 Team League (2 copies of each player) on myfantasyleague.com

We have done 4 of this style since the beginning of May and are doing another one now.

Entry - $200 via leaguesafe
Slow draft starting when filled & paid
24 Teams (2 copies of each player)
TE premium
30 roster spots
2 TE minimum starting spots

And you must name your team after a retired NFL Legend

$5 from each person will go to create the banners for each of our teams

Total Starters:
12 Starting QBs: 1-2
Starting RBs: 2-4
Starting WRs: 3-5
Starting TEs: 2-4
Starting Defs: 1-2

Looking to start August 1st or August 2nd

Link to settings (scroll to the bottom to see more additional rules) :

Link to scoring:

Scoring Highlights

1.0 PPR to RBs
1.25 PPR to WRs
1.75 PPR to TEs