200 keeper start up 2019

200 dollar buy in, 12 team league…no divisons, no kickers, maybe team defense (league vote.) draft will be held in august. QB Rb Rb Wr Wr Te Flex Flex D(?) top 6 make playoffs, first two get first round byes. My keeper settings will be 2 keepers who can be on a players rosters 3 or 4 years (will be voted on), there will be penalty for keepers which will be round drafted plus one round (so a fourth round draft pick can be kept the following year for a third round draft pick, the following year that player would cost a second round draft pick and so on. We will vote if later round draft picks should be a 2 round penalty or not. Free agent keepers will be voted on, i tend to lean towards something involving adp plus bonus rounds. We will use FAAb as waivers…Top three will get paid out…(PPR or Half ppr will be voted on), Qb 6 point passing td or 4 point will be voted on. Bench spots will be voted on 5 or 6. There will be 1 ir spot. Think thats it. If you are interested in this concept leave a reply or email me at jxwakefield@gmail.com.