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2015 Wide Receiver Class Discussion


Hey all, I’ve been a pretty active listener for the last few months but thought I’d actually start contributing to the forums. I was hoping to start a discussion about the 2015 class of skill players, particularly the wide receivers, since most of these guys are hitting their third year in the season— do we know who they are yet? Is it possible some of these guys who have had a slow start could breakout in 2017?

Nelson Agholor – Hope I don’t turn you off early with this controversial take, but this is actually the guy I’m starting to consider taking as a late round flyer. Early reports say he’s been working out in the slot in the 1st team reps… With Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith on the outside, is it possible that Agholor could start getting that sweet ppr high-volume slot work that makes players like Golden Tate, Jamison Crowder & Fitz so valuable? I know he’s been struggling to transition into the NFL these last two years, but maybe he’s just been asked to do too much too early? Is anyone else excited about the upside in this Eagles defense?

Amari Cooper – likely the consensus favorite to really produce this year out of all these first rounders, and the adp reflects that. I’m on the fence if this will be a “breakout year” … partially because he’s already been breaking out, just lacking those touchdown totals. On the other hand, I could also see this Oakland team’s defense improving, offensive philosophy shifting, and all of a sudden the one-two punch of Crabtree and Cooper doesn’t see the high volume it did last year… am I just being devil’s advocate, or is possible Cooper can bust?

Kevin White – I’ve been seeing Kevin White creep up draft boards, and there’s no denying he has the raw talent to really breakout, but is it actually going to happen in 2017? It’s hard to get excited at all about the Bears offense this year, but as we see every year: there’s fantasy value to be found in bad teams… This is definitely for a separate discussion, but is Victor Cruz draftable?

Breshad Perriman – Kinda sad how this guy’s value/hype dropped so exponentially with Maclin’s signing, but could Perriman still be the guy we were all getting excited about a month and a half ago? He’s still on that roster, Baltimore’s still relatively low on patch-catchers and Breshad Perriman will likely earn himself that WR3 spot…

Phillip Dorsett – Feels a lot like Kevin White’s situation, but obviously with a better QB. Except Andrew Luck still isn’t throwing in practice after SHOULDER surgery? If Scott Tolzien starts week 1, you’ll feel pretty derpy if you drafted Phillip Dorsett on your fantasy team. Too many red flags for me to roster this year, what do you guys think?

DeVante Parker – LOL at the Miami press regarding all their “fantastic talent” this year. General consensus seems to be that he’s the favored 2018 #1 option in Miami, but what about this year? If that’s going to happen, he’s really gotta prove it this year, but is the adp worth it? Is Parker fools gold? Will the Dolphins make the playoffs again?

Just feels like so many questions surround all of these guys. Feel free to bring up other WRs or skill players from this draft class, for some reason those third year guys feel like they can really start producing as these NFL teams evolve and shift, and most of them seem like they’ll be pretty low value come draft day.


Agholor - No, I suspect Jeffrey and Smith will alternate downfield routes and the other will run levels with Agholor. That means he is competing with Ertz, who has more talent and won’t be defended as strongly.

Cooper - Huge talent, but I don’t see the numbers improving that much. I feel like he will meet his ADP value, but won’t be top 5 WRs.

White - No, he runs short routes and only brought down 19 of 35 targets. Short route runners should have larger catch rates and his is smaller. Maybe if he starts running deeper routes to compete in the air, which could happen as Cruz is there to run the slot.

Perriman - Not even sure he makes the starting line-up. If he does he is competing for targets with the TEs.

Parker - This is actually interesting, he and Stills are thought to be competing, but they don’t run the same targeted routes. Landry has his spot, but if Miami starts throwing the 10 yd ball more Parker could have a solid year.