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2017-2018 Season Biggest Bust


Let’s hear it #Footclan

Who has been your teams 2018 season biggest bust?

For me, it was HANDS DOWN, Terrelle Pryor! aka, No Pryors!


does andrew luck count? if not mariota.


Crowell or Nelson


Mariota for sure! I expected so much from him coming into this season too. I drafted him to be my starter and then dropped him later in the season.


Are we forgetting how bad Ajayi has been this year? Flat awful. If you count injury obviously the answer is DJ though.


Fortunately I traded him and received Mike Evans in the package I traded him in (who has also been a bust) but it has to be Jordan Reed. Dude was drafted to perform as a top TE and he doesn’t take the field. He’s gotta be one of if not thee biggest busts this year


Mike Evans for me. His return value for a 2nd round pick has been back breaking.


First year of fantasy football for me. I got the highest score on the football IQ test in our league (don’t ask). I picked David Johnson with the No 1 overall pick. I don’t know if injuries count as a “bust” though. So, being a snake draft, and not understanding Fantasy as well as I do now, I picked Amari Cooper and Dez Bryant with the #20 and #21 picks. How’s that for my first three picks?
Fortunately I’ve gotten some waiver pickups that have salvaged my season (Kamara was the big one) and I got into the playoffs as the #3 seed!


Jordan Reed for me.
Newsflash, Jordan: football is a contact sport!


Yeah definitely Jordan reed, other tight ends on the board when I drafted him and I wish I had pick someone, anyone else, wasted a roster spot all season cause I couldn’t bring myself to drop him.


Drafted DJ so that’s obvious. But also have learned my lesson on Tyler Eifert. Drafted him the past two years and has screwed me


Take your pick: DeMarco Murray, Terrelle Pryor, Emanuelle Sanders. I also lost A Rob and Kevin White right off the bat from IR.:angry:


@NerdNation. Now THAT was funny!!! Still chuckling at your comment!!!:rofl:


Jordan “I only go apeshit on your bench” Howard


LOL. Wow, do I EVER know exactly how that feels!!! Please don’t take this wrong, but it’s sooooo nice to hear that kinda chit doesn’t only happen to me.:smirk:


Haha its happened to me all season! Still made it to the playoffs as the #1 seed and got CRAPPED on since I started him :sob:


I might have to say Julio Jones. Hes been ok, but I traded Kamara and a 3rd round pick for him. He can redeem himself with 80 yards and TD to carry me to the championship tonight though.


Davante Parker, Isaiah Crowell, and DeMarco Murray get my votes.


All on my team or traded for:



To me it’s Julio. Where I drafted him and how many dud weeks he’s put up. Sure he will score me 50 points in one game… but the rest of the time it’s mediocre. I need to remember to pass on him next year.