2018 Dynasty Startup Draft Results- Interested in your thoughts

Just finished my first dynasty startup draft and am interested in your thoughts. League is PPR and the starters are QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2FLEX. I am Chase in the draft.

So you got some decent value in the later rounds. I do like a few of the choices past rd 15. I get your first 3 picks and they’re solid and will treat you good. The one that I think will bite you is amari cooper in the 4th over shady McCoy. I think you may be a little too wr dependent but that can have a way of working itself out through trades and waiver wires. All in all though I think you’ll be happy with your team. Good luck this year!!

I am quite the opposite though. I like to stock up on rbs early especially knowing how deep wrs are this year. If I was picking in your spot based off the way specifically your draft went and where players were is regards to your pick I would’ve grabbed Le’Veon Bell, Devontae Freeman and Probably Doug Baldwin at 3 as my top 3 personally. Again, this is because of the value of wrs late. You’re still looking at shady in the 4th and a rob in the 5th. Your wrs are stacked and great but that’s just me being more heavy on rbs early as opposed to wrs early.

I think you’ve got a solid team there, plenty of depth and some longevity. Main thing that jumped out at me: I would’ve drafted Thielin over Cooper in the 4th, but that’s on the nit-picky side

Thank you for your input! Amari was definitely a risky pick, and one that I had to think hard about. I strongly considered RB at this point, but I really don’t like Shady this year for redraft, let alone for a Dynasty league. The other RB’s that I had to choose from at the time were a tier below in my rankings where I wanted to pick. Plus, a lot of the other teams had went RB heavy so I decided to take a chance that one of my later round RB’s would pay off as a decent RB2. I can definitely see this gamble backfiring though.

I generally try to grab one of the stud RB’s, but I absolutely love Hopkins and think he will treat me well for Dynasty.

Thanks again man, and good luck to you this season!

Thank you! Thielin vs Cooper was actually the exact thing that I had to think long and hard about after I decided against drafting a RB in round 4. I went with the riskier (potentially more rewarding) play with Cooper.

Oh I feel ya on Hopkins. He’s just insanely good. No ripping on that pick what so ever. I mean , your team looks solid as hell. Im just one of those rb crazy drafters. I’ll probably take 4 in a row in my draft haha. I really think the type of players in your league shape how we start to draft. I mean, rbs go so quick to in my main league it becomes like a game of hungry hungry hippos.

Haha I hear that man! I certainly can’t blame you for going RB heavy. Feel like I am in the minority going WR heavy early.