2018 Keeper Question

Hello all,

I have to keep 2 players. Please help!

Antonio Brown

Any advice in advance would be appreciated!

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What do you lose for each player?

Brown of course and then I’d personally take Howard. I think he will have a great year this year, also the reports about the working on the pass catching from camp i think are more than hype. He’s not going to be Bell or anything but he’s guaranteed workload, guaranteed goaline and could he catch 30 to 35 balls, sure. Depends on the costs but to be honest i doubt you’ll get much better than the best WR in the game and a locked RB1 with upside

I don’t take JuJu just because the WR stack is a waste in my view and there is no situation i’d do it. Mixon while Lewis is coaching and Gio is there stealing touches he’s a no for me unless he’s my third back.

What’s your draft position? Im assuming you lose your pick in the round you drafted them last year? And Jordan Howard not OJ? If you’re picking later in the first then AB and Howard. If you are early to mid then you could still get AB so I’d keep Mixon and Howard.

Don’t lose anything besides the last 2 picks of the draft.

12 team, 1 pt. PPR

To be honest, I am a little worried about Brown continually being banged up. He was hurt to end last year and has been out twice in Training Camp… (Madden Curse, Ha.)

I was sorta leaning towards a Mixon and Howard combo and hopefully grabbing a WR (like JuJu) in the 1st round.

If you don’t lose anything I go


I am fine with mixon as well… But I think those 2 are your best.

Appreciate the feedback from everyone.

I hear the concern but the drop from Brown to JuJu will be immense. I don’t think Mixon and Howard make up for what you would have with AB and Howard, Mixon has the talent but Lewis and Gio will limit him again this year. I get wanting to lock up two solid enough RBs but if i was in your position Brown doesn’t make it back into the pool and neither does Howard

I agree with this

Yeah, I think your right.

After putting it out there, I think I have to keep AB and Howard.

I might still be able to grab Mixon or JuJu if I wanted them. (I am 10th in the draft)

Thanks again for all the feedback!

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