2019 Data Tool

Every year, I create a spreadsheet to help me keep track of how RBs and WRs are doing on a week-to-week basis. Check out the prepared 2019 sheet above. I figured I’d open it up to the public this year for anyone who may want to use it throughout the season, so let me know if you’re interested!


  • 0.5 PPR fantasy production

  • Number of opportunities (carries + targets)

  • Color-coded based on weekly performance (RB/WR 1,2,3 or worse). This helps identify waiver wire picks, buy low or sell high guys.

  • Consistency number (lower the better)

  • Trend lines to help visualize fantasy points and opportunities

  • Dependability percentage to finish as RB/WR 1,2,3 or worse

  • Home/Road and Win/Loss splits

  • Vegas over/under and spread for each game to help predict shootouts and game scripts

Here is last years for all interested in the what it will start to look like as the season progresses:

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That looks freaking awesome, nice work!

Thanks! Keeps my Sundays pretty busy throughout the fall haha

Any thoughts on other data points I can measure? Always looking to improve it.

You could add Lowest & highest points per season to date with another column showing that overall range.

I guess the question is how granular you want to get… cause you could add a lot of data if you so chose.

I do something different with a python script. I scrape all player data and reorganize it on a weekly basis. passing yards, receiving yards, rushing yards, attempts, TDs, etc. You get where I’m going with this.

I like your combined approach. Its slick, looks good, and has a lot of good actionable info. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the feedback!

as a bit of feedback on the optics of the Consistency, you could add a column that compares the consistency to others in the same position and then scale that out of 100 (maybe as a percentage), higher being better. it could help to pinpoint outliers.

Sorry, I’m a data analytics guy and you got me thinking along different lines

This is pretty interesting. The only difficult part about comparing consistency numbers to others in the same position is that the low-volume guys tend to be very consistent(ly bad). I could use a minimum threshold (9 carries/game or 4 targets/game) and compare those guys potentially.

Then again, the dependability percentage also does provide great data for how much you can depend on them to be an RB/WR 1 or 2.

Ohh, i see what you are saying. Agreed. I’ll think on a different approach to that one.

How are you calculating RB/WR 1 or 2? i dont see anything on the sheet fx line for those columns. or are you doing this manually?

I’m doing it manually… lol. Keeps my Sundays/Mondays quite busy but I love it.

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I just added last year’s to the original post if you want to check out how it starts to look as the season progresses.