2019 Dynasty WR advice!

2019 Dynasty football advice… out of these 12 WRs, which 4 would you keep for dynasty full ppr!!!.. and why??

  1. Curtis Samuel
  2. John Ross
  3. Keke Coutee
  4. Zay Jones
  5. Kenny Stills
  6. Robert Foster
  7. nelson Agholor
  8. Albert Wilson
  9. John Brown
  10. DJ Chark
  11. ESB
  12. Quincy Enunwa
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Hey @Tylergreve Welcome to the Ballers forum!!

My keeps would be:

  • Curtis Samuel
  • Keke Coutee
  • John Brown
  • Quincy Enunwa

Curtis Samuel, as it stands, will be the number 3 passing option on the Panthers behind McCaffery and DJ Moore. He is a dynamic player and if he can stay healthy has a chance to breakout in 2019.

Keke Coutee is very similar. Likely the 3rd option behind Hopkins and Fuller. Very high upside.

John Brown is a proven deep threat. In 2018, Josh Allen threw deep most often (16+ yards downfield, min. 100 total attempts).

Quincy Enunwa is more of a floor play as a possession receiver. Jets seems to be surrounding Darnold with weapons which raises Enuwna’s floor.

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Thanks @fun4willis! I forgot to throw DJ Chark in there as well… Here is my roster, let me know if you’d change anything!

Dynasty League - PPR- 20 man roster, 1 qb, 1 rb, 1 wr, 1 TE, 4 flex, 1 defense

I am a contender but want to stay young, I have the 4th overall pick for rookie draft

QB(4 max) - Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Matthew Stafford, Derek Carr

RB(8 max) - Zeke, McCaffrey, LeSean Mccoy, Donta Foreman, Chris Warren

WR(8 max) - Juju, Antonio Brown, Larry Fitz, Will Fuller, Keke Coutee, Zay Jones, John Ross, Curtis Samuel

TE (4 max) - Chris Herndon, Vance McDonald

Defense (4 max) - Vikings

One quick thought. Will try to hit you up with more later…

Know your buying and selling windows.

Sell Vets in season, buy in off season. Buy young players in season, sell off season.

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I agree with @fun4willis on his picks. I love Albert Wilson too though. I could argue him over Enunwa with Crowder landing in NY but might still slightly lean Enunwa.

@ty_nagy yeah man Wilson is one of my favorites in the NFL, I think the only downside is the Dolphins TANKING this year!!

Him and Enunwa are VERY close to me. But Enunwa has Darnold and Wilson has… Luke Falk? I honestly don’t know

@ty_nagy I might keep both! I’m trying to make a trade right now

@ty_nagy Does it matter, in your opinion, that Parker is coming back?

… regarding Wilson as a potential keeper.

Parker is trash and doesn’t occupy the same area of the field so not really

@ty_nagy @fun4willis I’m trying to move pieces and get both… But will the influx of WR hurt Enunwa? Will garage team hurt Wilson? Might it help both?

No disagreement other than his market share of targets is likely not zero.

To me, his signing signifies a second chance under a new regime. At least week 1 I would expect him to have the most targets - assuming everything stays the same. He could (will) bust and get cut mid season.

I don’t think he sees zero targets but he’ll steal targets from Stills more than Wilson. Wilson’s targets are pretty safe because there’s not gonna be any route overlap.

How do yall feel about Chark? He’s very young and has large 2nd round draft capital… @fun4willis @ty_nagy

Personally, not a fan.

I didn’t know if the Files signing would help him any or not in yalls eyes.

I like Keelan Cole and Westbrook a bit more with Foles. Maybe I’m overlooking Chark. But I have no shares of him from rookie drafts last year and nothing from last year on the field impressed.

My 4: keke coutee, John brown, Quincy enunwa, and Nelson agholor.
The first 3 have been discussed alot so I’ll focus on agholor: his early struggles were mainly due to his hands, which seem to have been rectified and he put up solid, if not consistent, numbers in we 2017. 2018 regression was mostly a product of inconsistent qb play in philly, between switching between Foles and Wentz and the latter playing hurt.
With his contract coming up it’ll be interesting to see where he lands, and if he stays in philly and Wentz gets back to even 80% of his 2017 self he could be a very solid plug and play option. If he doesn’t, there’s a lot if variance depending on what team signs him, but at this point I’d hold and see how it plays out for him

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@smlevin75 @fun4willis @ty_nagy very good insight guys… On my bench I have Keke, John Ross, Curtis Samuel and Zay Jones…

I am keeping Keke and Ross for sure right now… So my biggest question is… Is it worth dropping zay and Samuel for 2 of the following… Albert Wilson, Enunwa, Agholar, and/or John Brown… Keep in mind it is a dynasty and I will keep them forever… I also have the 4th pick coming up and plan on taking in the order of queue… N’keal, AJ Brown, Hakeem Butler, and if those 3 are gone I may trade down

I much prefer Curtis Samuel over Ross. To give it context I would trade a mid 2nd for Curtis and I would be hard pressed to trade a 4th for Ross.

How you do it is up to you, but I would want John Brown on my roster.