2019 Dynasty WR advice!

How do yall feel about Funchess now?

Not too good, he goed up a notch with Andrew Luck. But he has a better receiver in front of him. The only thing going for him is his heigt, he could be a rodzone target. But Eric Ebron is there too.

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I would keep Samuel for sure. He had some spark to him lat couple of games. And with Funchess gone.

Zay i dont know its a bit of an gamble. I think ESB is a sleeper, mvs gets the credits but i just traded him and am thinking about picking up esb.

Love Keke btw, have him stashed also.

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What about Kevin White coming out of left field?? Is he even a relevance at all?

Not sure, he joined the cardinals right? He would be a big gamble, but sometimes its worth it. But i wouldnt bet on it for now.

On the other side if kyler is coming, and they dont draft or pick up another wr. It might be worth taking him. But he has to be free.