2019 Keeper Advice Needed!

Hi All,

My teammate and I are in a 12 team half PPR keeper league. Everyone gets to pick 3 keepers from their lineup to take into the new season. We already have Ezekiel Elliot and Aaron Rodgers planned for two of our keepers. Now, we’re trying to decide between Nick Chubb, Julian Edelman, and Stefon Diggs.

Our entire lineup is as follows:

Aaron Rodgers
Ezekiel Elliott
Nick Chubb
Stefon Diggs
Julian Edelman
Jared Cook
Jaylen Samuels
Rams D/ST
Justin Tucker
Josh Gordon
Kenny Golladay
Adrian Peterson
Lamar Jackson
Lions D/ST
Baker Mayfield
Zach Zenner

Who do y’all think we should keep? Why?

Any advice is appreciated!

Virginia Spliffs

Unless this is a 2qb league it’s easily Zeke, Chubb and Diggs.

I would pick Edelman as a clear choice since it is a ppr league. He will get many more catches than Diggs. Vikings want to run more with healthy cook.

Gronk is gone and his targets probably go to Edelman.

Zeke, Chubb, Diggs

Zeke and Chubb would be for sure keepers…Diggs or Edelman being the options for the third… In no way am I keeping Rodgers as that value simply isn’t there. You could likely come back and draft him in the 4th or 5th round (which I personally still wouldn’t) if you wanted.

Keeping Aaron Rodgers over someone like Edelman, Chubb, Diggs would be a mistake imo, unless this is a superflex or 2QB league.

If it’s my team I’m keeping Elliott, Chubb, & Diggs. I could see the argument for Edelman like others are saying & I wouldn’t fault anyone for going with him. But I just like Diggs’s game more. He’s an elite route runner & in Cousins’s 2nd year with the team I think he has a higher ceiling than Edelman (ie better chance for a week winning monster performance). I think just saying all of Gronk’s targets are automatically going to Edelman is oversimplifying the way New England plays. I’d bet he’ll lead the team in targets if healthy, but Brady also likes to spread the ball around.

At the end of the day, if you & your teammate want to keep Rodgers just go with it. I could see the appeal of having a QB you can count on week to week, but it’s just not my approach to building a team.

I would keep Elliot, diggs and chubb for sure. Edelman is close but I would pick diggs over him and unless its superflex, I wouldn’t even consider rodgers