2019 Keepers Dilemma

I’m in a non-ppr standard 12-team keeper league (3WR, 2RB). I’m already Franchising Barkley and keeping Deshawn Watson with my 14th rd pick. I can keep one more. Do i go Phillip Lindsay with my 7th or Tyler Lockett with my 13th. I could do Damian William’s with the 7th too, but the uncertainty in the KC backfield has me leaning away from that.

Do you need to make your decision now? Lindsay has question marks with his injury and Damien Williams has a huge range of possibilities depending on what happens in the offseason. If you had to decide today, I think I would lean Lindsay.

Definitely not with Damian Williams. Chiefs are just as likely to keep him as they are to start ware or draft a new RB in the upcoming class. That’s a waste of a keeper. Also, highly unlikely he would even get drafted before the 7th anyway.

My vote would be for Lindsay or Lockett. I lean Lindsay but I’d see how the offseason develops.