2019 Keepers

Hey, F.C., I am in a 12 team league that lets managers keep up to 2 players each season. Hopefully none of you are in my situation and already looking forward to next year as this one is lost.

Very, very early for this, but I need something to start getting excited for. Any recommendations as to who the F.C. thinks I should keep for next season? 15 total rounds in the draft. Can decide to keep none, one, or two players from the list below.

Marlon Mack - Round 7
Nick Chubb - Round 7
George Kittle - Round 10
Geronimo Allison - Round 12

I think Chubb and Kittle are extremely great options to keep with that value. Both exceed those late round values by a long shot. Chubb could easily be a round 2 option in a 12-team league, and Kittle as early as round 5 or 6. I’d keep them both.

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chubb and kittle

Chubb/Kittle is what my gut is telling me. Mack could potentially replace Kittle if Luck remains healthy and offensive line continues to improve. Could maybe be one of the best in the league next year.

Can you keep both Mack and Chubb if they’re both 7th rounders?

My one concern about Mack > Kittle is that it’s so difficult to grab a good TE in the current landscape. Not only is it a great value to be able to snag him for a 10th, but having such a good TE like Kittle (or the obvious big 3) gives you a big advantage over your opponent in the TE position. There are so many good RBs in the league right now, you’ll be more than fine if you miss out on Mack and grab a different RB1/2 for next year.

Yes. One would retain 7th round value and the other would get bumped back to the 8th round.

That is a great point in regards to value at a dismal position. Appreciate your comments.

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Damn, in that case all 3 are great options. But ya just food for thought with the TE position.

Chubb. He could be a round 1 with a strong finish. Say he finishes 20 pts or higher in each remaining game. He is a round 1 IMO.