2019 Rookie RBs

I know its early but who are some rookie RBs & WRs to draft in dynasty this year? I have the 1.11 draft pick this year.

Commenting to see what others think

im really excited about this years draft. if you want to just look at some film and see some of the guys that are coming out, i suggest Hakeem Butler, Elijah Holyfield, and N’keal Harry. i dont have my projections up yet for this rookie draft, but i was impressed with what i saw just on film from these guys. i still have a LOT of film to go over before i am done, but i like what i saw from them. my suggestion is to do what i do. start looking at the top prospects lists (i dont watch college ball so i take the offseason to catch up on these guys) and then go watch their highlights to start, then try to find game film on the ones you like but are concerned with things you saw like sloppy routes, double catches, hitting the wrong hole ect.