2019 Way too Early Keeper advice Hill vs JuJu

Hi with all the AB buzz not being a Steeler next year. I’d find myself with a possible problem of deciding which one to keep (no year limitation). I would just lose like a 2nd or 3rd round for holding only 1 of these guys.

Im in a Non PPR league that rewards heavily on Length of Touchdown scores.
Hill was the #1 WR in our format with JuJu #8.

I’ve always seen Hill as a 1 trick pony stretching secondaries out giving you Feast or Famine.
JuJu consistently gets targets and end zone looks. In my gut I believe Ben will look to JuJu as his only real WR option. Not sure about double coverages on JuJu as what defenses typically did with AB.

The reason I’m also leaning JuJu is that I also own Mahomes and feel that I shouldn’t double up on Hill/Mahomes combo. Split my dependency up a bit.

Anyone care to offer up some thoughts on who has the better upside in 2019 and beyond?