2020 Draft

So I finished in 5th place for 2019 and doing so locked up the 1st overall pick for 2020. Ideally CMC is the only option in that spot. Someone offered me a trade, my first round pick for their 2-3-4 round picks. So I would have two picks in round 2-3-4. Is it worth giving away the top player in fantasy for 3 quality draft picks. Note it’s a 10 team league and my first pick wouldn’t be till 13th overall.

What draft position are their picks? (2.0x, 3.0x and 4.0x)

What kind of league is this? I’m assuming a total redraft? no keepers correct?

(i’m in a keeper league where you can’t keep players in the first two rounds so i’m just checking)

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The guy offering me the trade is picking 7th overall. So therefore my first pick isn’t till 14th overall (not 13). So I essentially would be giving up the 1 overall for picks 14, 27, and 34. If I make the trade my draft picks would be picks 14-20-21-27-34-40-41 to start off. And yes it is a keeper league but we can’t keep guys from the first 4 rounds of the 2019 draft.

I think I would make the deal if it were me.

I’m pretty comfortable drafting. I think I could make up any differences in top end talent with depth. Especially within the top 4 rounds.

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W no keepers from the 1st 4 rounds, how do your keepers get counted for? Are the keepers counting for your 1st-4th rnd, ADP etc?

Guys we drafted in 2019 within the first 4 rounds aren’t eligible to be kept. Not saying guys that were drafted after that last year won’t sneak up in the draft for 2020. There’s only a few guys being kept that would do that this year, DJ Moore, Ekeler and Sutton, maybe 1 other guy but that’s it