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2020 keeper help

12 team PPR. Single keeper redraft. I have the 12th spot. Who should I keep?

Kamara for a 1.
Mike Thomas for a 1.
Tyreek for a 1.
Kelce for a 1.
Carson for a 3.
Miles sanders for a 4.
Godwin for a 4.
Lamar for a 12.

Edit: I don’t have a 2nd round pick, if that changes your mind. If I keep a player for a first, I would only have 1 player in the first 2 rounds.

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If you don’t have a second round pick then regardless of weather you keep or draft a player in the first, you still only get 1 pick in the first 2 rounds. If that’s the case, and you’re the 12th pick, i’d just keep Thomas and then draft RB’s with your 3rd and 4th, then WR in the 5th and if theres a top 5 TE remaining by round 6 then grab one of those. if not, just wait for TE till towards the end cuz it’s a crapshoot after top 5-6.

Thomas will be the WR1 drafted, and you would get great value only losing the 12th pick.

My 2 cents at least, good luck!

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That is the way I was thinking too, but im also debating that if I kept say Godwin or Lamar, I would have them plus whoever i select in the 1st. Clearly neither of them are the difference maker that Thomas. Im just having a tough time deciding. Appreciate your input.

Godwin is also insane value, apologies didn’t see that. Would totally understand wanting to keep Godwin as your WR1, and then you can use the 12th spot to draft an RB1, although at that position you’d likely wouldn’t get better than a Mixon or Eckler, neither of which i’m that excited about this year. If i had to pick one i’d go Mixon, but unless the Bengals address there offensive line between now and the start of the reg season, i think Mixon will have a tough time this year, if burrows doesn’t live up to the hype or simply needs time to adjust, they will be playing from behind alot, leaving negative game script for Mixon.

Kinda spiraled into my own train of thought lol but TLDR, Godwin+1st round RB is actually more likely the better move. Unless you can snag some serious RB value in the third and fourth rounds

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Who will be available to you at the 1.12? Are the other owners keeping guys in the 1st? IF so, Godwin is appealing because you can grab some of these other guys assuming other owners burn their 1st on keepers. Does that make sense?

If you are not thinking you can pick up any of the guys you are releasing, I would go either MT or AK. I really like RB early as I think they dry up fast. And if my math is right, you will be back in the 3rd at the 3.12. Is that right? If so, I like the WR more in that range. Locking down AK round 1 would give you one top end RB. I think that is more powerful from a balance point of view.

And just to make things trickier, LJ in the 12th is nuts. If you think you will have access to quality players through the early rounds, it might not suck to take him and the difference he can make. Typically in a 1QB league I would not do that, but in the 12th it is tempting.

I think you need to ‘see’ who you think will be there in the early rounds and if you can still land a strong player in the 1st. That would drive my opinion more than anything.

If I had gun to head, I’d go AK in the first due to better WR value in the rounds you will be picking , while RB1 in that range…yikes!

I hope this helps and makes since. Just my two cents!

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Off the bat I’m throwing out Carson, Sanders and Kelce.
I’m taking Lamar at a 12th round because of replaceability. This is essentially lamar for free plus you still get to pick in the first.
Think of it like this. If you draft Kamara, Thomas or Tyreek in the first, who would you get in the 12th? typically these players end up being recycled on the wire all year. If you take Lamar in the 12th you can pair him with a high level player in the first (maybe it’s not one of these three but it will still be good). You’re getting extreme value out of a spot that you would normally end up taking a dart throw of a pick. I normal might entertain taking one of the top guys here but you need to make up value on your team since you don’t have a second round pick. This is how you do it.

The other one that’s interesting to me is Godwin for a 4th. I’m still taking Lamar but I think this is actually a tougher one than taking the top guys for a first because of the value proposition. I’m using the same line of thinking here i did above, except Godwin is better than you’ll get in the 4th. I still think the points above replacement on Lamar for a 12th is just far too large for any of these other options to overcome it.