2020 Keeper League Advice

Hey Clan… I need some advice. Can keep one player at cost of last years draft.
So would you keep:
Zeke for a 1st
Kittle for a 2nd
DJ Moore for a 7th
Allen Robinson for a 6th

Thanks for the help!

Where are you drafting in the first round?

Yeah that would be important. If you are picking top 4, I’d lean on keeping DJ Moore. But if you are any later than 4 keep Zeke because he’s a bonafide stud you wouldn’t be able to get the same value

DJM/ARob are the values here. Zeke for a 1st may be the superior play though, as having an elite RB really gives you an edge. It really depends on who you would normally be able to get with that 1st round pick.

Just decided the draft order. I’m picking 2nd. What do ya think?

So I’m picking second in the draft. Im thinking about Zeke in the first or Kittle in the third. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help guys!