2020 keeper league question

Here’s one I’m trying to figure out this off season: 12tm, 1QB, full PPR, 2 keeper league, auction draft ($200 budget) - who’s my best value for keepers?

  • Saquon ($57)

  • Aaron Jones ($33)

  • Josh Jacobs ($19)

  • Austin Ekeler ($17)

Got lots of time to make the decision…


For me in would be between Jacobs and Ekeler.
Aaron Jones is a easy** scratch. Significant TD regression in coming.
Saquon is a great player who could legitimately be the #1 at the end of the season but is a huge chunk of your budget.

If you take Jacobs or Ekeler you are getting a strong RB1 and can use the $ savings to solidify other positions.

Thx for the reply boobalah…it’s up to TWO of them I get to keep…srsly tempted to go Ekeler & Jacobs, especially if LAC doesn’t bring anyone in to take a major bite out of his touches. I’m sure they’re likely to bring someone in but the “who” will make the difference. If they bring in a Jordan Howard or Derrick Henry type or draft an early round RB I’ll shy away from Ekeler a touch

I’d for sure go with Jacobs first. Ekeler has excellent value for the price you’d pay even if the Chargers bring in another back. He gets so many targets in the passing game that it covers for him not being a between-the-tackles kind of RB. Plus, those RBs last longer.

I’d say with your league being a full PPR league, go with Jacobs and Ekeler.

Obviously you don’t have to make a decision right now. You’ve got time.

Rico, make no mistake I couldn’t agree more. $36 out of $200 is great value for what I’d get. I was the owner who originally draft Super Saquon, so the notion of letting him go is the struggle I’m dealing with…

It is likely what I’d decide if the decision had to be made today. And then either try to get Saquon at a discounted price or drive his price up feigning that I want him bad enough…

Luckily I don’t have to decide right now

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Jacobs and Ekeler are the right choice.
Chances are really high that you can still get Saquon for $57/60 in the draft if you really want him, but you wouldn’t be able to get Jacobs and Ekeler for $36 - That settles it for me :wink:

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Aptly put…that’s a perfect perspective; one I hadn’t thought of! Thanks, all but solidifies it…

Unless something changes between now and decision time, it’s most likely my course of action…

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