2020 Keeper Question

10 Team League

DJ Chark or Terry McLaurin

No draft penalty for keeping either of these guys as they were picked off waivers.

I lean Chark but you can’t go wrong here

Yeah, flip a coin. Both are great. I traded for McLaurin and will keep him for a FA 9th round pick, which is how we value FAs in our draft(halfway point of the whole draft).
I also tried to trade for Chark.

So, just pick one if you must, and be happy!!

Yeah I am in the same situation. Both were FAs so no real penalty for holding a good value player like these guys this year.

I would probably go with DJ Chark, simply b/c of what would seem to be a bit more continuity in Jacksonville. But that is a huge tip on the scale, but something I look to for tie breaks on players, among other types of tie breakers.

Would enjoy you thoughts on my auction keeper draft question. Good luck!