2020 Season Contingencies

Has anyone already set up some contingency plans for their leagues if the NFL season is cancelled or cut short? Trying to do some research for our dynasty league.

Seen some good suggestions on a lottery for next year’s draft order if there is a cancelled season and a minimum number of fantasy games played (6-8) for standings to be left where they are for next year’s draft order. And no champ unless the fantasy season is actually fully completed (should be obvious).

Wrote this in my league’s 2020 rule changes today:

  • If for some reason the season is canceled before week 8, we will take away all weekly high score winnings and return everyone’s $100 buy in. Hopefully this does not happen. If we make it past week 8 but the season is cancelled early, we will pay out weekly high scores up to that point and payout the remaining money in order of our hybrid standings:
  1. 20%
  2. 17.5%
  3. 15%
  4. 12.5%
  5. 10%
  6. 7.5%
  7. 5%
  8. 5%
  9. 2.5%
  10. 2.5%
  11. 1.25%
  12. 1.25%

Every player will get some money back based on their records but we also do weekly high score payouts. Between the 2, I think it is a fair way to payout but obviously not ideal at all. Also, our hybrid standings basically balance out the luck in schedule so this adds to the fairness. The rank is pretty in tune with highest scoring teams as well.

My leagues are all operating under the below alterations.

  1. If the season ends before week 8 is played, everyone gets their money back.

  2. If the season ends between week 8 and the start of week 14 (first week of playoffs), the money will be split between best record and highest points for, with highest points for as the tie breaker for a record tie, then head to head match ups. Record being the tie breaker for highest points for tie then head to head match ups.

  3. If the season ends during the playoffs, the money will be spit evenly between everyone that has not been eliminated.

I will reflect next years draft order to the standings as long as we play through 8 weeks. If not I will be doing a random lottery.