2021 Rookie draft

Hey all i’ve acquired the 1.03 and have the 1.06 in this years rookie draft i’m assuming that with the 1.03 i will take Chase, Etienne, or however unlikely Harris. Im wondering should i go with Kyle Pitts with the 1.06 if he is still there? Current TE’s are Godert, Engram, Firkser, and Higbee. Or invest in another skill position likely Waddle, Bateman or Williams if they fall?

1 QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 2 Flex

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Honestly i’d get Pitts if he’s available. The TE is such a frustrating position, taking a chance on the potential next big thing could pay off. Or it feels like at worst, you’ll still get a guy at the same level as what you have now.

Pitts at 1.03. imagine if you had Kittle or Kelce for their whole career. Plus with Henry and Jonnu being sent to NE, Hockenson not being on an offense with a lot of TD opportunity, the ability to get a difference maker at TE just got harder. Pitts is almost as sure of a thing as it get. He be placed in any offense and has the ability to succeed. The hype is real. Wait and see who falls to 6. ETN is slowly falling and he could be had, Jevota Williams can be a rockstar in the right offense. Plus Bateman, Smith, Eskridge may all be available. Make the safe pick at 3 with Pitts and then best player available at 6.

Never thought of it like that…this is our 1st year with dynasty so I’m sure I’m still thinking like a redraft player…and I’ve always punted TE like the rest of us

It really depends on your players and depth at RB, as well. You gotta take what you need sometimes. But understand what you get by taking Harris or ETN. Say they and be solid but they are roughly a 3-4 year rental for your team. And despite all the rookie hype, they are not the same level of prospect as what we had last year in Taylor, Swift, Akers and Dobbins. Pitts is a talent that we haven’t seen at TE in a while. He’s the most NFL ready player in this draft aside from Trevor Lawrence. Look at who is drafting 4 and 5 and try, based on their rosters, see who may drop to you at 6 if you take Pitts at 3 vs ENT. I had the 1.04 and 1.06 for my rookie draft. I sold my 1.06 and 2 TEs to a needy team and picked up CEH. Basically like drafting CEH at 6 and now I replace Jonnu and Everett with Pitts.

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Can you send us your whole team, if you have no big holes then pitts would be great.