20mph winds for Philly

Sooo…can I still play Alshon? With Adams on bye, my last option is Kenny G. I’d hate to miss out on another big Alshon game if they make it work

Play Kenny G. If you didn’t have a stud behind Jeffery I’d say don’t worry about it but Kenny G provides almost as much value as Jeffery does. Dude is a monster

I do like KG, but he’s only capped 20 once so far. Ignoring Alshon’s low game against Xavier Rhodes, he’s got 5-10 more in PPR in his other two. KG’s efficiency vs AJ’s opportunity…

I’d go Kenny G, and the wind has nothing to do with it. Weather is often overblown (no pun intended) on impact on gameplans. See last Sunday in Denver.

So then why Kenny for you?

because his routes are so smooth


Looks like similar weather for Jets-Vikes.

20 mph is enough I might consider downgrading big play/deep threat type guys and kickers. Short route guys, TE, receiving RBs might get a bump with shorter routes.

Sunuva! Got Diggs and Dan Bailey too.

FYI, Baltimore is in the same boat with high winds.

I know John Brown is Jason’s start of the week, but Eric suggested in the weather outlook article last week to sit John Brown due to high wind gusts in Tennessee. Game flow was a part of Brown’s poor performance last week, but what if the wind also played a part?

I’m hesitant to start Brown this week, myself. I was initially planning to start Brown over Hilton, but the weather has me leaning Hilton, now.

The Washington game will also have high winds, but no one should be playing any of the wideouts from either team to begin with.

Ertz and Kearse are the two receivers I am starting in windy conditions. I don’t have a lot of choice. I could roll with Sammy Watkins but that just seems hit or miss no matter how many points KC puts up.


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Kearse was a start of the week too so it’s not like the guys are right every time. I had a similar reaction.

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I was ready to roll with Alshon in spite of the wind, but made a last-minute switch when I saw this…

Think I need a lock on my phone within 10 minutes of game time haha. Left those points on the bench again

Yeah I know man. In addition to ZERO from Kearse. I drafted Denver def. I dropped them a couple of weeks ago because of the Patriots game. I had the choice to pick them back up or another defense this week. I decided to pick one of the two defenses in that match up because the combined Vegas points was so low. I started the Cards instead of Denver because Denver had been gashed so bad on the ground. Both of those mistakes that are probably going to cost me a win can mostly be attributed to a cardinal mistake that I totally ignored. Don’t trust Rookie QBs in fantasy. Rosen and Darnold and their horrible performances completely tanked my team.

To add insult to injury my opponent had New England Def and their two tds.

Rough. Rams D, Kittle, and Gurley going all Gurley have given me a nice lead, but I’ve gotta hold off Kelce/Hill/Ryan with only Boyd left for me

Oh and I also sat Sanders this week!